Technological Breakthroughs

Humanity has finally created a full model of the known Universe

June 28, 2016 – Published by Mark Corpuz

I reminisce the days when, before opening internet explorer, I had to click that “dial-up” icon – wait about 5 to 15 minutes, before I could connect to the wonderful world of the World Wide Web. Or the days when I had to use a 5MB floppy disk to save about 3 songs and share it with a friend. Now, fast forward that 20 years later…we have a 1TB flash drive that can store thousands of songs, and or the “cloud” online service that enables us to share those songs to thousands of users instantly.


Dial-up Icon says: “Connecting…beep…beep…beep…redialing..beep…beep…”

Me: “I feel like throwing this monitor off the window.”

Boy…time has changed quickly, and if you think that instant change was interesting, just recently (June 2016) humanity is finally able to model the entire known universe! You’re probably thinking…we were able to do that 10 years ago right? Wrong! First off, to model our known universe you need supercomputers to calculate equations at about 1TB per second (maybe even more…petabyte/sec?). These equations aren’t your average high school calculus, these equations will make your head spin, and make you think twice about our existence. These equations are on an entire different universe on its own, they are known as quantum mechanics.

Using all of Einstein’s published worked on the general theory of relativity, our modern day super computers are finally able create a scaled model of the entire known Universe. Imagine how vast this information is being calculated, and if you’re a geek, imagine the lag! (Well, at least with today’s technology). The point of this is, humanity is one step closer to solving quantum computing.

If you want to know more about how modeling the universe go to, UoP News, they’ve got the full scoop.