Eye Catchers

By definition an eye catcher means, a person or a thing that attracts attention. What would you consider an eye catcher? Could an I catcher be something funny? Sad? Touching? Crazy? Or could it be something you’ve never seen before? For whatever that reason is, Mi Presence believes eye catchers are able to connect with your feelings and draw your curiosity.

Optical Illusions

Montasir or commonly known as Optical illusions are one of the best eye catchers that will strike your curiosity. The idea behind optical illusion is to have your mind think twice about reality. (See Optical Illusions for better information, Wikipedia)

Rebook Cross Fit marketing campaign – a good example of an optical illusion mixing with our reality. It’s all a matter of perspective. If the colors of the waterfall and cliffs were realistic, I bet you would have think that this picture could be real.

Overall, when it comes to dealing with human curiosity Optical Illusions tops the list. They are used by magicians, directors and producers of all sorts. Optical Illusions are mainly a method of visual entertainment. But, how can an optical illusion also affect our feelings?

When it comes down to marketing, applying an optical illusion along with our feelings can create an effective result. This famed United Way campaign to provide shelter for the homeless touched many Canadians’ lives.