The hype about Pokémon Go

The hype about Pokémon Go

The famous Pokémon game and franchise started in Japan, on February 27, 1996, has again become a worldwide phenomenon with the new game Pokémon Go. Now, 10 years later, this game has taken every child hood Pokémon gamer’s  dream about catching Pokémons out in the real world by using Augmented reality (Wikipedia). The overall, idea behind Pokémon Go is to encourage gamers to actively seek, exercise, and explore their surroundings around the world. Currently, there are 250 different Pokémons to Catch. The game is now available in the Apple Store, and Playstore. “Gotta Catchem All”

Facebook and Youtube removing extremist content

Facebook and YouTube are among a group of popular web sites that have quietly begun using automation to remove extremist content from their sites, Reuters reported Saturday.

Originally developed to identify and remove copyright-protected material, the technology is looking for unique hashes, or digital fingerprints, to remove Islamic State videos and other similar material, two sources familiar with the process told the news agency. Such technology could be used to prevent reposts of content already deemed unacceptable but not identify new extremist content.