Portable LED Foil designed to purify water

From heavy and thorough sterilization to a Portable LED Foil humanity is one step closer to purifying water from almost anywhere. Ohio State university has invented a Deep Ultra-Violet (Deep UV) portable foil, that can emit powerful UV lights when charged.  Currently, those requiring to purify water are using Large Mercury lamps. According to one of the engineers from Ohio State, Robert Meyers, “”Mercury is toxic and the lamps are bulky and electrically inefficient. LEDs, on the other hand, are really efficient, so if we could make UV LEDs that are safe and portable and cheap, we could make safe drinking water wherever we need it.”


This Portable LED Foil, uses new foil-based nanotechnology that uses a semiconductor growth method known as molecular beam epitaxy, where beams of molecules are used to vaporize materials and then allow them to land on a surface where they self-organize into nanostructure layers.


With this new technology, it can change many peoples lives, specially those who does not have the opportunity to drink purified water.


So how does a UV Light kill microbes? Check out the video Below;


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