Will NASA’s Scout software save the World?

Over the century, ever since we’ve came to known about space, and how extremely dangerous it is – boy… how lucky we are  to be alive here on Earth. Knowing some of the dangers in space, such as, Solar Storm from our own Sun, Hyper Novas, Black Holes and specially Asteroids – the real known threat to Earth, in which, at one point in time wiped out the Dinosaurs. Humanity is always thinking when that next asteroid is going to hit Earth. And during these 100 years we’ve come close encounters with many large Asteroids, but humanity did not find out until the Asteroid had actually passed through. For example, on Oct 29, 2016 there was another Asteroid that passed by the Earth and we did not notice it until it passed us. Now with time running short, NASA has invented Scout, a computer program designed to detect Asteroids. Scout accesses data from all of Earth’s telescopes, and tries to identifies any threats using rigorous calculations. Thus far, Scout is still in Beta and currently being tested in the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, California. Let’s cross our fingers that Scout will do its job.

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